On this page you can find my recommendations on Web pages about various topics. Here we go (in no particular order):

Semantic Web

Jim Hendler’s blog – A blog of one of the pioneers of the Semantic Web, Jim Hendler.

Ivan Herman’s blog – W3C’s Semantic Web Activity Lead.

I also recommend the blogs of my colleagues and friends, Milan Stankovic, Esther Lozano, and Daniel Garijo.


Starts With A Bang – Great blog about physics and astronomy. If you want to know everything about the Universe on large scales, this is the place.

MinutePhysics – Short animated videos covering various areas of physics. So far, my favorite Youtube channel.

What If? – Taking a look at various “what if…” questions from the scientific point of view. You can also ask a question if you have any.

Radiolab – A radio program from WNYC, which covers various interesting scientific and philosophical topics. Highly recommended.


Research in progress – A Tumblr page showing the moments of research in rather funny way.

PhD comics – Series of comics about a life of an ordinary PhD student, and life in academia in general.

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