Semantic Web and Me

As this is my first post on this blog, I think it would be nice to say how and why I got involved into the Semantic Web.

Back in late Spring of 2008 when I was about to finish the third year of bachelor studies, I was invited to join the GOOD OLD AI Research Network, a network of really nice people passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. The idea was very interesting and challenging to me and I was already collaborating with the people from the network as an undergraduate teaching assistant, so I was very happy to join the team.

Shortly after, Jelena Jovanovic and Milan Stankovic introduced me to the Semantic Web, I started to learn about Linked Data, ontologies, and lots of other new things, and I did like it a lot. During the summer, together with a few other colleagues I was working on a couple of Semantic Web related projects – Smiley Ontology and Online Presence Ontology. It was the time when I had a lot of discussions with Jelena and especially Milan, who was very kind to let me bother him almost daily over the chat about a bunch of questions and doubts that I had (the other person I was bothering a lot was my mother because back then we had only dial-up connection at home and she was deprived of using the phone, which she also had to use for business communication). But it was really a nice time for me, I learned a lot and it sure was fun.

Later on, I continued to collaborate with Jelena and Milan, and Jelena supervised my thesis which was related to the online presence project. In September 2010 I moved to Madrid for Master studies and joined the Ontology Engineering Group, where I am now at the second year of PhD.

Shortly, this is how it all started. In one of the following posts I will describe the work that I did for my Master thesis, and the work that I am doing now in the OEG.


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